ZPHC GROUP is a pharmaceutical company founded in China in 1972. Initially founded as a manufacturer to produce API pharmaceuticals, today ZPHC GROUP is the leading global company dealing with the pharmaceutical industry, biopharmaceuticals, and medical equipment, with open access and a technology platform with global operations. Our services are designed to help our customers around the world reduce discovery and development times while also reducing the cost of research and development in the field of medicine and medical products through cost-effective and efficient solutions. The success of ZPHC GROUP can be attributed to its unique and proven model of sales and marketing, an extensive nationwide distribution network, a diversified portfolio of market-leading drugs, and strong research and development capabilities. Currently, the company is engaged in the production of semi-synthetic API antibiotics, over-the-counter and medical products, modern Chinese medicines, as well as anabolic and androgenic steroids in tableted and injectable form. Our products have reached Middle East, Asian, South African and Central American markets.

Fermentation technologies for penicillin and cephalosporin C are at a global level. A constantly improving independent R & D system and a growing research group, along with strong brands, form two branches of the company.

ZPHC GROUP employs more than two thousand highly qualified pharmacists and scientists, and its laboratories are fitted with the latest equipment corresponding to the international GMP standard. At the enterprise, a stage-by-stage system has been introduced for the control of production, and within this framework quality control begins at the stage of receipt of raw materials for the plant.

In production, ZPHC GROUP combined the world’s most advanced equipment and technologies, achieved full automation and information in production and logistics processes, and reached an international advanced level.

Our raw materials and pharmaceutical products are approved in accordance with the SFDA GMP standard.

The department of quality management of the ZPHC GROUP Factory has an existing personnel consisting of more than 180 people. Quality management includes: the Quality Management Department at the Quality Supervision Office, the Quality Management Training Department, Quality Management Office API, Food Quality Management Office, Quality Management Division GSP, Quality Control Centre (QC) and other departments.

QA personnel work full-time in: material for production, production, packaging, inspection, storage, distribution and other processes for thorough analysis and monitoring. The Director of the Quality Management Department is not subject to external factors when performing his duties; the Director has the right to decide and veto defective products returned to the processing of products when quality management is directly under his supervision. Quality is managed throughout the product QA production process, the packaging process, and the verification process to verify records in accordance with QA requirements by the person responsible for approval after the release of products. The quality control department, in accordance with the requirements of GMP, standardises the quality control work; improves the quality control system; enriches quality standards; develops and revises materials, intermediates and products, internal control standards and control procedures in strict accordance with the standard test of products, raw materials and packing materials.

QC created five laboratories for chemical analysis, instrumental analysis, microbiological determination, pharmacological experiments and an analytical laboratory. In accordance with ISO / IEC 17025, the standard specification is QC. In accordance with the requirements of the GMP, a modern quality management department was established in September 2010. Around 30 million yuan was invested for the new building: a pilot animal centre, with a construction area of ​​1500 m2 and a building area of 320 square meters.

Development Strategy Taking advantage of China’s growing economy and ongoing healthcare reforms, we will strive to provide long-term growth opportunities for the Company by taking measures to expand our marketing and distribution networks, expand research and development opportunities and optimise production capacity. We will also constantly expand our product portfolio using our proven multi-channel strategy, which includes acquisition and cooperation with foreign pharmaceutical companies. ZPHC GROUP employees work together to improve technology and provide the best pharmaceutical products to patients. In the process of creating a corporate culture ZPHC GROUP adheres to the principle of “People first,” caring about the personal development of each person, and carrying out a variety of activities to encourage mutual growth of the individual and the group. Our values

  • Integrity and dedication, teamwork and success;

  • Do the right products and do them qualitatively;

  • Customers come first;

  • The pursuit of excellence;

  • Effectively implement each project and goal, focusing on decisions and results;

  • Cooperate and work together;

  • Introduce innovations;

  • Demonstrate flexibility and the ability to accept change. Quickly adapt to transformational and innovative conditions with a strong commitment to breakthroughs and development.

  • ZPHC GROUP is a company with a high level of social responsibility, for each employee we will fulfil the responsibility of outstanding enterprises, and be people-oriented so that people try to use it.

  • The company adheres to German employment standards: fairly treat others, strengthen the training of personnel, establish a good moral quality and ability to work, unity and cooperation of personnel.

  • ZPHC GROUP has strong professional ethics, market development opportunities, and loyalty to the main sales group.

Objectives Standing at a new launching point that carries hope and vitality, ZPHC GROUP takes practical steps to grow in accordance with our strategy. We are striving to become a world-class company, competing at an international level. We will continue to develop and market high-quality drugs and provide the best pharmaceutical products to patients.


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