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Growth hormone OneQ Blue 90 units is a highly purified synthetic analog of somatotropin (99% purity). The hormone is produced in the body during the period of active growth of muscles and bones. The drug is used by athletes of various directions in preparation for competitions as the hormone allows you to quickly reduce the percentage of subcutaneous fat and promotes active growth of muscle mass, improves the condition of the skin, joints and ligaments, increases immunity. The drug effect on the processes of rejuvenation has been scientifically proven. Main advantages:

1. Improves metabolism

2. Helps to gain muscle mass and reduces the percentage of subcutaneous fat

3. Increases physical strength and improves efficiency

4. Affects the bone tissue, increasing its density which allows you to avoid fractures and injuries under high-intensity loads

5. Normalizes the exchange of calcium, phosphorus and other trace elements

6. Promotes rejuvenation of the body

One of the main advantages of using growth hormone OneQ Blue, which can be ordered right now on the European site of original and high-quality human growth hormones hgheuro.com, is a low price compared to other drugs without compromising quality. Method of use and dosage: The course of taking the hormone is at least 12 weeks. The dose of the drug depends on the goals pursuing. To correct the shape and tone of the body, 4-5 units per day are enough. For intensive fat burning and increasing muscle mass, it is recommended to take 8-10 units per day. For ultra-fast drying in the short term, take up to 30 units per day. It is highly recommended to start with 4 units, gradually increasing to the required working dose. The drug should be administered subcutaneously in the abdomen or thighs. In our online store with the delivery from Europe you can buy human growth hormone OneQ Blue at the lowest price, as well as get a free consultation on the reception or cycle for any drug. One package contains 90 active substance units: 2 vials of 5 ml (15 mg/45 iu of active substance each).

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