Nordex Somatropin (liquid) is a growth hormone that is identical to real human growth hormone.   The drug is not inferior by its properties to the hormone that is biologically produced to the pituitary gland of the brain.  Nordex Somatropin is presented in its liquid form on hgheuro.com. There’s no need to dilute it and monitor the concentration of active substances. That’s why this drug is safe and easy to use. To use it, it is enough to take a syringe and inject it into the body.   Effects of the Nordex Somatropin:  1. Accelerates muscle tissue growth  2. Has a regenerative effect on the skin and the body  3. Strengthens the immunity   4. Accelerates metabolism  5. Strengthens bones, joints and tendons   Recommendations for use:  1. An effective cycle of the drug use should be from 12 weeks to six months. Buy a quality cycle for a good price at European HGH store hgheuro.com right now.   2. The place for injection should be periodically changed. The most suitable place for injection is the stomach.  3. It is highly recommended to divide the daily dose into two as the decay time of the growth hormone in the body occurs quite quickly.   The recommendations for the beginners and professional athletes has some differences.  The beginners are recommended to divide the hormone into two parts and start with 1 iu. The second iu should be used after 11-12 hours only. In a month the dose can be increased to 4 iu per day but still should be divided into two doses.   As for the professionals, the cycle can be started with 5 iu twice a day. The first dose is of 3 iu, the second dose of 2 iu takes place after 12 hours. In a month the dose should be increased to 10 iu.   Nordex Somatropin should be stored in the refrigerator only!   One 10 ml vial contains 100 iu of active substance.   Buy Nordex Somatropin and other HGHs at a good price at hgheuro.com across the Europe and the United States.

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