HGHEURO Review - HGH OneQ White 5*9 IU - 45IU

Somatropic growth hormone OneQ white is a hormone produced in the pituitary gland of the brain. It is produced using the recombinant DNA. The drug has an impact on the receptor complex which is directly related to fat burning processes of the body.   The effects:  1. Enhances protein synthesis   2. Optimises the consumption of proteins, fats and carbs  3. Reduces the appetite  4. Has a rejuvenating effect  5. Accelerates the healing of injuries  6. Stimulates cell growth  7. Increases blood glucose  8. Strengthens the immune system    Contraindications:  1. Allergic reactions  2. Pregnancy  3. Benign/malignant tumors  4. Diabetes   Hormone cycle: As somatropic growth hormone manifests it’s qualities slowly the minimum effective cycle duration should be at least 12 weeks. For anabolic purposes at least 10 units per day should be taken (5 iu in the morning and 5 iu in the evening).  Professional athletes need no less than 20-30 iu per day.   One pack contains 5 vials of 9 units (total 45 iu per 1 pack).   You can buy a ready-made cycle or growth hormone at competitive prices on the official European website of high-quality, original HGHs hgheuro.com   Get the advice or consultation on any issue from our experts 24/7 on hgheuro.com

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