Balkan Halotest is a powerful anabolic oral steroid drug produced by the Moldovan company Balkan Pharmaceuticals.


Brief characteristics:

Classification: Anabolic/androgenic steroids (oral)

Active substance: Fluoxymesterone

Product form: 10 mg 20 tab

Side effects: rare

The anabolic index: 1900 (2000%)

The androgen index: 850 (1000%)

Activity in the body: 5-10 hours

Detection period: up to 2 months


In terms of its effectiveness and properties, the drug surpasses even Trenbolone.

Halotest is quite popular in martial arts as it increases aggressiveness, and a little less in bodybuilding.

The drug is not recommended for novice athletes due to the high impact on the body.

Online store specialists recommend buying cheap Halotest Balkan for the experienced athletes to increase physical and strength indicators, muscle growth and aggressiveness.


Main advantages:

  • The rapid growth of power indicators

  • Increasing the level of aggressiveness

  • Slight increase in muscle mass

  • An increase in the density of muscle and venous drawing

  • Stimulating the hematopoietic system

  • Powerful fat-burning effect


Balkan Halotest allows you to build the tough muscles needed in powerlifting, wrestling, boxing without going beyond the weight category.


As Halotest is a very powerful anabolic steroid by nature, in case the dosage is not met, the occurrence of the following side effects should not be excluded:

  • Acne

  • Effects on the liver

  • High blood pressure

  • Is Not recommended for women


Methods of use and dosage:

The daily dosage varies from 5 to 40 mg depending on the goal and physical performance of the athlete.

The duration of the cycle is 2-6 weeks, but most often the drug is used for a month and only immediately before the start of the competition.

The use of Halotest Balkan Pharma during the off-season is impractical.

It is also allowed to combine Fluoxymesterone with such drugs as Testosterone Propionate (20-30 mg/day Halotest + 100 mg Test Propionate every 2 days), as well as with Cypionate.

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Balkan Pharmaceuticals HALOTEST 20 tab 10mg/tab

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