Balkan Primobol is an anabolic steroid from the Moldovan company Balkan Pharma.

PRIMOBOL 10ml 100mg/ml 1vial

Primobolan is a drug with a mild anabolic effect, so the drug is rarely used to gain muscle mass.

Primobolan is often compared to Deca because of their similar anabolic effect.

The main action of Primobolan is aimed at drying the body and preserving weight.


Brief characteristic:

Classification: anabolic steroids

Dosage form: ampoule with oil injection solution

Active substance: Methenolone enanthate

Anabolic effect: 88% of testosterone

Androgen effect: 44% of testosterone

Aromatization: not detected

Duration of effect: from 10 to 14 days

Presence in the body: up to 6 months (injections), up to 100 days (tablets)

Side effects: none

Balkan Primobolan has no side effects and does not cause kickbacks after the cycle. The steroid is safe for women as it does not cause masculinization and water retention in the body.

Some athletes use Primobolan to build muscles during a long 10-week cycle. The muscles grow slowly, but the result is more stable and high-quality, as the mass gained during the Primobolan cycle remains for a longer period.

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Main advantages:

  • Maintaining muscle mass during the drying period;

  • Minimal rollback phenomenon;

  • Does not convert to estrogens;

  • Has no side effects;

  • Combined with other medications;

  • Security and availability.


Athletes prefer more often the injectable form of Primobolan due to the lower cost, uniform intake of the active substance into the blood and a longer period of action.

Combination with other drugs

Primobolan + Nandrolone – increase in muscle mass (one of the safest cycles with mass preservation);

Primobolan + Testosterones; Primobolan + Anadrol; Primobolan + Methandrostenolone – increase in muscle mass;

Primobolan + Winstrol – for drying and shaping the body.


Methods of use and dosage:

The duration of the Primobolan cycle for drying, shaping and mass preservation is 6-8 weeks.

The safe dosage is 400 mg weekly.

Injections are made once in the gluteal muscle.

Longer cycles of Primobolan require PCT with Clomid.

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Balkan Pharmaceuticals PRIMOBOL 10ml 100mg/ml

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