ZPtropin is the growth hormone somatropin which is artificially synthesized using DNA.
ZPtropin is very popular among the athletes os various directions, the drug is used not only in bodybuilding, but also in cycling, swimming, freestyle wrestling, etc.
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1. Acceleration of metabolism
2. Muscle growth
3. Bones, ligaments and joints strengthening
4. Fat burning
5. Inhibition of muscle destructive processes
6. Anti-catabolic effect

1. Puffiness in the drug injection area
2. Joints pain
3. Hyperglycemia

For the beginners, ZPtropin growth hormone will become an indispensable aid in gaining quality muscle mass. In this case, a two-month cycle of 10 iu daily will be optimal. The rational nutrition and proper combination of ZPtropin with other drugs allows you to build up to 5 kg of lean muscle mass. 
The hormone is the most valuable for bodybuilders. In power sports, a 2-3 months cycle of 10-20 iu daily is used. When combined with steroids, the hormone promotes the intense muscle growth and significant physical strength increase.

The solution is recommended to be used immediately, but in case of remaining it should be stored in the fridge for no more than 1 week.

One pack contains 10 vials of 12 iu (120 iu of active substance).

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